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Peroxde & borax works! I have a mini schnauzer who was in bad shape. His hair on his head,ears,& rump was completey gone. I started using this remedy and within a week i could see hair coming back. In 2 months all of his hair returned, no itching. He healthy,& happy. 16 oz peroxide, 8 tbs borex detergent, 2 cups warm water. Do not rinse. Drip dry. Once a week.

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I HAD and HAD being the key word there, 3 puppies that had the mange and I didn't have any burnt oil to put on them so I tried the Borax and peroxide solution and I followed the directions and when I woke up the next morning I found 2 of them dead and the third was dying and suffering so I had to get a friend to kill it for me because I was very upset. What I'm trying to say is that I don't know if it was to strong of a mix or what but I WOULD NOT and I do mean WOULD NOT try this on your dogs. I would try the old-fashioned cure of burnt motor oil before I would this. I read somewhere else on here that this was a good cure, but I WILL NEVER EVER use this treatment again. I also read that is was a painless cure also, but when I put it on my puppies the yapped and hollered like somebody was beating them. I thought it was just the mix starting to work and maybe burning a little, but if I knew that it was actually killing them, then I would have washed it off immediately. I guess the only good thing that has come out of this is 1)I know now to NEVER use this mix again, 2)I know that my puppies are in Puppy Heaven looking down on me and that they are in a much better place and not suffering anymore, and 3)that at least two of them went peacefully and quietly in their sleep, I just wish the third one would have done the same instead of suffering. I have cried and cried over them, but I know that it will do no good, I just hope that if at least one person reads this and don't use it, I'll know that I saved at least one dog and one person the grief of loosing a loved pet. If you would like to tell me if you had any luck with this mix or any stories of your pet(s), you can contact me at I hope to hear from people and thier stories. Thank you....Gary


I forgot to do this.......R.I.P Rukus, Jumpur,and Munkee...... those were the name of my puppies that died, me and wife want to spell them different.....I'll miss you guys......we'll meet again someday... Gary


The peroxide should be 1%. Take the 3% found in stores and mix with two parts water. This is just a carrier for the borax but will burn the skin and possible turn hair white if to strong. This was intended for adult dogs, not puppies and works best on Demodex mange and not sarcoptic mange. Sarcopic mange has more hot spots and open sores.
Gary, sorry about your puppies, I know how hard that is to loose such precious little ones. RIP puppies.


Did you use Borax-the detergent or Boric Acid. Boric acid should be lethal but not borax. I used borax and hydrogen this week on my 8 week puppy and she is ok. In fact it is working and hair is coming back. Less itching and less red too.


Why would you put burnt motor on puppies anyways, the peroxide stuff is way better. If you use burnt motor oil you risk killing them in one day. Once that petro from the oil seeps into the skin it poisons the kidneys. Burnt oil should always be the last option because its only a 50/50 chance they'll live after that.

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