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Thank God this is finally recognized!
I went for so long without anyone understanding (including doctors) what was going on with me!
I was told several years ago to try a Dove Soap bar at the foot of my bed under the sheets. It actually works quite well. I also have started the standard magnesium and potassium remedy. Prunes seem to do the trick the best...yummy!! (does double duty too!)

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cher hunter

Dove Soap bar??? I am going to actually try this as I have been awake 5 nights and 6 days. i am loopey and angery and too depressed. In the past, several years ago, many of the suggestions on this page did work and now that it is back, I seem to be immuned to everything. So.........dove soap. OK!


I dont understand. How to use the Dove soap bar? Could you please explain further. Thank you very much.


I have heard of this too. Just put the soap bar at the foot of your bed under the sheets. That's it. I heard Ivory but probably doesn't matter.


I put a bar of soap under the sheets in our camper and at home. two different kinds and both just great. My husband has been sleeping much more soundly since then. I agree that it has finally been recognized.

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