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This remedy was given to me in the early nineties and was very effective:
In a pot:
3cups of water plus extra for absorption by herbs;
Bring to boil - turn off heat;
Put in pot for each cup: one teaspoon each of St. Johns Wort, Plantain, and Stinging Nettle (Echinacea can be used in place of Plantain)(use fresh herbs not prepackaged teas);
Let steep for 3 to 6 minutes;
Drink a cup and then the remainder whil still fresh.

There is no second day for hte infection. It is usually gone in a few hours: relief is immediate.

Now, the caveat: the above is my experience with fresh bulk herbs; I currently going through a sinus infection for hte first time in years; I no longer have access to bulk herbs but must rely on capsules and teas: the capsules were ineffective and only when I doubled up the teabags did they begin to cure the infection; still, it is nothing like the results from fresh herbs. And, unlike with fresh herbs, using prepackaged teas has taken three days and going.

I consider the effectiveness level to be as follows:
1. teas from fresh herbs
2. teas from extracts
prepackaged teas
4. commercial capsules

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