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Use Vick's Vapor rub 3 times a day and after showers. Massage it in for 10 minutes using a neutragena electric deep clean pore cleaner, and wrap yourself in a garbage bag over night, and saran wrap under your clothes during the day. I swear I don't know how it works technically but it got rid of them. Just keep doing it till they are gone. Make sure your skin is clean. I had 2 kids and tons of stretch marks and i cant see them anymore(that doesn't mean they're not there, I just cant see them.)

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I didn't use the trash bags or vicks but i did use regular lotion and saran wrap and it worked.


okay ppl r stupid she is covering the strech marks with garbage bag and stuff so she cant see then ;)hint hint wink wink


the garbage bag will help, as it'll stop the vicks from evaporating or simply going on her clothes rather than her skin,

thus it'll be more absorbed by the skin


Vics Vapor rub seems to be working great for me. I have been using Vics for about 2 weeks and my stretch marks have faded tremendously!


For all the woman that have commented on this treatment you must be on this site because you also have nasty strech marks. There is no reason for you to dog on something or someone for that matter. I myself gained 50 pounds and have got alot of nasty strech marks and have yet to find anything that works. I am more then willing to try this. As for the people that are ragging grow up you are adults.


you all are dumb saran wrap so it doesnt rub off on your clothing,


I haven't tried anything but I am beginning to realize that the heat trapped by the wrapping (this could be trash bags, plastic wrapping, etc...) holds the oils in and helps penetrate the skin thus helps the cells produce collagen and other tightening of the skin… I have been doing a lot of research and heat is a major fixer from what I have found out thus far…. I will begin to try something and get back – I have heard about lemon juice as well as vicks --- plastic bags/trash bags have the same effect they make you produce body heat… so don’t knock it because it just may work


u dumb idiot the bag is to keep the moister in n stay deep in the skin if u go to sleep with out the bag most likly all the cream going to end up on the bed immature people always talkn trash


Why did everyone made fun of her?? Indeed this remedy is one of the best remedies i've tried! i Feel more confident and my stretchmarks are almost unoticable! this is proof!

type it on google: vicks for stretch marks!!!!


Ive been so long hiding these strecth marks after 2 pregnancy...

Ill give it a try since i always have it in my med cabinet...

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