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Use Vick's Vapor rub 3 times a day and after showers. Massage it in for 10 minutes using a neutragena electric deep clean pore cleaner, and wrap yourself in a garbage bag over night, and saran wrap under your clothes during the day. I swear I don't know how it works technically but it got rid of them. Just keep doing it till they are gone. Make sure your skin is clean. I had 2 kids and tons of stretch marks and i cant see them anymore(that doesn't mean they're not there, I just cant see them.)

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does it really work???


this is did you even learn about this..wrapping yourself in a garbage bag?


I laughed so hard when i read this.. Seriously though u are an idiot


sorry guys but i think it's been being used now aday. ill try this one..sarar wrap so people wont smell you i


Yall talking trash but it works smh @ dummies


I dont know how stupid yall are but Vicks vapor rub really does work. So stop talking crap untill you try it. I have heard of many people doing this. now i never heard of the garbage bag but Vicks works. If you dont like somebodies suggestions it doesnt mean you have to be a Bit**. Just move on to the next suggestion. Obviously you took the time to comment so takethat time to try it. I f we go through life being so childish and grow up. people wonder why this world is so messed up and cause of rude people like yall.


I think whatever works, works. Why do u have to bash people just bc they tried something. You came to this site to find something for your stretch marks!!!


how long did it take for this to work? my doctor told me about this after i had my twins but im still nursing so im going to wait a couple of months before i try it. hope it works as well as doctors say it will!


Ive heard about this one deff trying it, thanks!


For your information, day spas use saran wrap for body wrapping which releases toxins from your body and tightens your skin(therefore making the stretch marks less noticeable). A trash bag would be the 'home remedy', hence the name of the page.

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