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vanila extract worked
but i found something wonderful.
direct pressure
you can feel -- after a few days-- the nerve that
travels in you jaw to the vside of the tooth is on by your ear. now if you know what a epidural (is for giving birth) - you doing the same consept with direct presure. one finger on the nerve for as long as the episode lasts. not too hard! it has worked every time for my lower molers. in fact i stoped the vanila extract and 800 motrine. oh if you have ever had fillings.... think about where they give you a shot if novacaine in you cheek or jaw. direct pressure from you finger (inside or outside or both at the same time) stops it from traveling to the brain. try it it works on me no pain meds or alcohol. vanila is 35% alcohol. for coments. ps clean you finger!

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tooth fairy

Thanks Joseph. Why didn't I think of this before - this relates to polarity therapy where you set up an elctro-magnetic charge between two opposite points Dispersing the intensity of the painful tooth and bringing healing energy to it.

Also Emotional Freedom Technique helps shift the neural pathways around pain: 'Even tho this tooth hurts I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose now to relax, have the pain dissipate and the infection heal quickly and easily.'

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