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I'm 15 and i've had streach marks on my upper thighs and my butox for about 2-ish years and A few months ago I started P.E. in school and relized that it was time to take care of my streach marks and i was researching a lot of different things that weren't too cazy, and didn't cost a lot of money and i went to Wallmart and in the lotion isle, i found Vitamin A creme but it's not just vitamin E it's vitamin A And D also and i put that on after every shower and every morning and night and it's been two weeks and they have shrunk to moe than half the size they were! it's made by genes and it's yellow in a plastic jar and it was like $11 and it's lasted me months! hope it does the same for you, my results were amazing!

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This sounds like it will really work!!! I read everyone elses and for some reason yours just stuck out (probobly cuz I have the marks in the se place ) but tommarrow I'm going to get it and hopfully it works!! I just need mine to lighten up befor pool season!!!


wow i cant believe you're only 15. i felt so bad because my sister (14) and i (17) have lots of strecth marks in the same spots and are embarrassed because most people we know are ages have perfect skin and we dont, BUT i will definately have my sister and me try this! Thank you so much!


hi, I'm 14 and I have stretch marks in the same places and would like to try this product but I can't seem to find it, do you remember the name of it? If you could i would greatly appreciate it!


wow...i'm 15 too, and i have stretch marks in the same places. i'm always self-concious about wearing short shorts, bathing suits, etc. I'll definitely try this! Do you possibly have the name? It'll make it easier to find the next time I'm at walmart.


I started getting stretch marks at age 2. I had a major growth spurt and my sides looked awful ever since. I've slowly got worse marks over time all over my belly, sides, legs and butt, and I'm now 20 and expecting a baby in a few short days. Needless to say these stretch marks are SCARY! Seeing how every penny I have is going toward our new love, this product sounds perfect!!!


Would the name of this happen to be A&D Ointment Tub??


What is the name of the cream?!?!?!?!?


Hi, is the cream called Genes Vitamin E Swiss Collagen Complex Moisturizing Creme?? And have your stretch marks totally disappeared?


I've tried this lotion before on some of my stretch marks & sadly it didn't work for me :/

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