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I want to thank everyone that posted before me I had an abscessed tooth for over a week I couldnt eat anything and was in so much pain 7 day's later I finally got it pulled(lower left molar)I thought it would be like the other one I had had pulled smooth and pain free,I was wrong as soon as the numbing wore off I was in soo much pain I honestly think it was wayyy worse then having an abscessed tooth I went for four days taking my pain pills hydrocodone,and they didn't even take the edge off so I went back to the dentist and he said I have a dry socket and just wrote me a script for more pain pills but they still didn't help even taking two of them I was still at a 12 on the 1-10 pain scale:(..
I got online and googled dry socket and found this site,Thank god!!
I read everyone's entry and they all said the same thing so I drove straight to walgreens and got the toothache kit and it don't taste that good lol but within seconds I was at a 2 on the pain scale and I honestly dont know what I would do if I hadn't found this site..
So again thank you all very much and anyone that has any kind of tooth or mouth pain should buy this kit!!It really really works and it's all natural!!

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I would caution people to use home remedies simply because a dry socket (like the one I currently have) is sometimes in need of more treatment than a simple kit or oil. There can be debris in there (the 'socket' my tooth left behind was the biggest my experienced dentist had ever seen) and not getting the attention of the professional who pulled that tooth in the first place could be regrettable. Just a caution. Your jaw bone is connected to your head bone...:)

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