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Emily Harding

ok So i had this toothache for 1 year now and i went back to newzealand
because i live in australia.

and So i went to the dentist they did my tooth but they told me i needed it to come back tomarrow at 12:30 pm around lunch.

so the next morning i didnt go to
the dentist because of my mum went to work i went to school on the next day and the tooth went of for about 5 months later and then it came back.

i went to newzealand up in kaitaia
and i woke up at 4:00am in the morning i couldnt get back to sleep
i started crying and crying
and went to sleep around lunch.

i looked up on the internet i tried everything i went on the plane
to go back to australia i was crying because i had so much fun there.

i ordered a mars bar on the plane
and my tooth ache came up
its started playing up ever since, i got really angry and had no patience .

i went back to australia and the next morning my dad told me to get a nuerofen and so i got one and then he told me to get a spoon and crush the nuerofen and place some nuerofen on my tooth in the hole .

but if you dont have a hole in your toothe get a ear bud and get some nuerofen bits and put in on your tooth
and on the sides.

Sorry for the long story i have feelings for newzealand :(
i hope i helped

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