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Vegetable lover

Basically what all these home remedies are suggesting is that you are trying to basically give yourself dhirea. All you have to do is eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Anything with lots of fiber will clear your system well. This is coming from a person who has a lot of experience with it. As a child, let's just say I really liked vegetables. Feel free to try any of the other remedies and good luck with your problems.

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I live on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fiber...and am still constipated all the time. So I am more than willing to try some of these remedies! thank you to all who took the time to write in!


I eat tons of fruits/veggies and only eat shole grains, this does NOT work for everyone! Something else is missing! And don't say drink water and excercise, i drink around 100 oz a day and workout for about an hour a day. Can't get any healthier except for the constipation.


If diet and exercise worked every time, then there wouldn't be so many people having this issue. Some people naturally have fewer bowel movements. Others, like myself, have medication induced problems. Before the meds I went several times a day. Now it's once every other and innate the feeling. It's the worst it's ever been ATM because of an additional medication I'm currently taking. I've tried stool softeners, psyllium husk fiber, and exercise. I had one earlier but am still feeling bloated. Benefiber powder is great (but expensive) and it turns out I wasn't taking enough of the fiber pills some shall see. Currently sitting down with a huge bowl of corn and hoping that finishes things up.

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