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If you want super clean and white teeth, then you need to try this. First, get an orange, exrta virgin olive oil, and a strawberry. Get a cotton round or a washcloth. Cut up the strawberry and the orange. Squeeze the orange and the strawberry onto the cotton round,wascloth, or (or the paper towel). Rub onto your teeth for 3 minutes.....And BAM now you have supersonic clean teeth!!

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What do you do with extra virgin olive oil ...


And What happens to Extra Virgin Olive Oil during this process ?

Dr. Jack

Obviously you're just screwing around with your comment. You even forgot to address the olive oil. This isn't going to do supersonic anything except get your teeth fruity and weird.


Apparently this tip is dead on. Oranges and Strawberries are recommended by Dentists as foods for plaque prevention and removal, softening.


Oil pulling with coconut oil is good. Don't put down the drain cause it will clog drain.

Peppermint oil.

Clove oil is good for cleaning mouth and tooth pain.

Brush & floss twice a day.

Cheap cleaning's at dental schools and free dental day in your community.

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