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I used a combination of the other items posted here.
My symptoms were deep cuts in both corners of my mouth and small bumps/lesions that started spreading from those corner cuts onto the skin around my mouth.
I washed the corners of my mouth with antibacterial soap twice a day and covered the corners with Aquaphor (which is a thick lotion similar to Vaseline). I used Blistex (the ointment, not the balm) on my lips. I used Neosporin (a topical antibiotic) on the skin around my mouth. Neosporin is not meant to be eaten, so don't use it on your mouth!
I also started taking a good multi-vitamin in case it was a lack of vitamins causing the problem. I used GNC Women's Ultra Mega vitamin in case this was caused by a lack of vitamins.
This cleared up all symptoms in several days.
The skin around my mouth really itched while it was healing. If that's really bothering you, a hydrocortizone cream would probably help.

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My doctor specifically told me to use neosporin to get rid of it and it worked great for me. If I ever feel like I'm getting the cracks on my lips I apply the neosporin as my doctor and the tube said (which they recommended the same thing) the areaa i that would've cracked did not. Another thing my doctor said is DO NOT USE ANY CHAPSTICK OR VASELINE because it allow the infection or fungus grow. Make sure to ask your doctor what is best for you before you treat.

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