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Emma Sparrow

I have suffered from repetative abcesses for about seven years now, and being that I am unable to afford the rip-off prices that dentists here in the UK charge, I have been forced to look for my own home remedy.

I have found something that works absolute wonders to numb the pain and make them go down fairly quickly. It's easy and very cheap!

Here in the UK (Don't know if you guys get it in the U.S. or other countries) but there is a liquid antiseptic called TCP.

Everytime I get an abcess, I tear a bit of tissue and kind of scruch it up into a size that will fit at the abcess, wet it in the TCP (UNDILUTED!), and pop it in my mouth right on the abcessed tooth. I keep it there for a few minutes or more when possible, and afterwards the pain is numbed completely!

TCP is great, it can also help mouth ulcers (I can get them at the same time as an abcess!), and also be used externally too on cuts, spots etc... so it is very multi-use!
DON'T SWALLOW IT THOUGH! Spit out what you can after aplication!

The only downside is that TCP stinks, so everyone will notice it on you - but it beats being in pain or have your breath smell like the abcess! Also the taste will be quite overwhelming for some - I personally have got used to it now, so just give it time.

Even if TCP isn't readily available in your country, I highly recommend finding a way to get hold of it by buying it on the net or something, even if you have to import it somehow. It really is worth it! It has definately been my miracle help!

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Emma Sparrow

FORGOT TO MENTION- REPEAT THIS PROCESS AT LEAST A COUPLE OF TIMES A DAY AFTER BRUSHING TEETH, FOR BEST RESULTS (OR AS NEEDED FOR PAIN RELIEF) I've found that even at the worst the abcesses have been, three times a day has been plenty enough.

And just incase you might be intrested - the abcesses I get always occur on the very back teeth, bottom. Wether this is the wisdom teeth causing problems aswell, I don't know for sure! So let me know if you try my method on other teeth and it works.

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