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I've had migraines for almost ten years I've been on tons of diffrent prescriptions but they only work fora lil an then do nothin I get lose of vision overwhelming sense of smell head throbbing fainting an pukin I've found that the only thing that can stop then is forcing myself to vomit sounds gross but completely takes all the pain away

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I was waiting to see this remedy here. It usually works for me too. It is easy for me too. If I put anything in my stomach with a miraine, I am guarenteed to throw up.


This usually works for me even if it means i have to force myself to throw up. If i dont throw up it takes a longer time for my migraine to go away. Sleeping after doing this does the trick


ya fo me vomit is a last relief...after it i do feel bata...throw yourself to sleep is d best remedy


I have had migraines my entire life and so far the only thing that works for me 100% of the time is to make myself throw up, drink some gatorade, then go to bed. It always works.... to dull the pain at work or school, I turn to excedrin Migraine.


I've had migraines for the past four years. No over the counter pills (tylenol, excedrin, etc) have ever worked. I've been put on prescriptions, one daily and another whenever I get a migraine. Although, the one for when I get a migraine is like a 50/50 chance. I've also tried the caffeine and even the wet towel (which is tricky because I get my migraines on the top of my head, so it's a little hard with my hair). Vomitting has always been the most helpful solution however. It sucks but anything to get that migraine to go away.


This probably explains why I've gotten somewhat better the three times I've thrown up over the past two days. This migraine is going on 5 days now. 3 ER trips, hydrocodone prescribed (doesn't work), morphine shots in the butt (cuts the edge of the pain for a little while), and they tried some benadryl/something mix that they say they give to people with headaches (didn't work, just made me sleepy). I have an ice pack on the back of my neck right now Been there about 30 minutes...still not helping. Done the dark room, no help. Gonna down some caffeine here in a bit, so we'll see. They did a Cscan and a lumbar puncture, both came back clean and healthy. I'm out of ideas.

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