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P Bow

I have had angular cheilitis for about a year. Tried many remedies (home and prescription) without good results. Finally bought several lip sticks (chap lip sticks) and one worked overnight. It is CARMEX (original) (moisturizing lip balm) a sunscreen, SPF15. I found these at Walgreen and also Walmart. My lips felt better the first time I applied it, within a few hours the dry skin peeled off my lips, overnight the inside of my lips peeled. The redness at the corners of my mouth faded gradually within 6 or 7 days. I continue to use this, applying it several times a day. Remember this is a
chap stick type product by CARMEX. My lips began feeling better within an hour or two of initial application. Also, be sure to brush teeth at bedtime.
Simple and effective.

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I submitted this recommendation. I used CARMEX lip balm for the first time in February 2010 and my angular cheilitis was very bad. It started working within hours, began healing and has been completely gone since February. I use the CARMEX LIP BALM daily now. The cheilitis has shown no signs of returning and it is now April.


if carmex worked then you didn't have angualr chelitis


Guess I need to change doctors then!


Worked for me!!!!! Life saver!!!!!!

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