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I had oral surgery for routine extractions on Tuesday, and by Thursday night I knew something wasn't right. This is by far the most helpful website I've ever come across!! I have been in unbearable pain for a few days now and taking more motrin than I should. I cannot take narcotic pain meds, so I was becoming a bit desperate. I fear the dentist and don't want to go back for 'more'. I bought the Red Cross Toothache Kit and a small bottle of clove oil........ such relief!!!! It truly feels like a miracle at this point. I had to ask for the clove oil at the pharmacy, which they keep behind the counter (Rite Aid). The taste is a little 'icky' but well worth the relief you will soon feel. I hope this remedy allows me to get through and promote healing. The best $10 I've spent in a long time! Good Luck!!

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Just so everyone knows its hard to find clove oil...The red cross toothache kit is clove oil and so is the dentak kit too! I ran everywhere trying to find clove oil. ITs also called natural EGUENOL. Hope this helps! It was worth the drive way across town at 3am for this!

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