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When my Imitrex isn't available, this is my back up remedy. Heat makes my migraines worse and guaranteed to cause my throw up, so I tend to go the ice route. I've found that filling the kitchen sink full of ice cold water (sometimes have to add ice to it and let it stand for a few minutes to get ice cold), submerge as much of your head (usually my eyes get submerged too) into the water, bending your neck so that your chin is touching your neck/chest, and leave as long as possible. Have a chair behind you in case you need to sit down. It is shocking and sometimes causes light-headedness. As soon as you remove your head, wrap your head in a towel and lay down on your back - knees raised to avoid additional body pain. Along with this treatment, I also take two Excederin gel tablets with any ice cold Pepsi or Coke (NOT DIET!)and I spray Afrin or the equivelant in each nostril. There are a lot of constrictions going on in the head during a migraine and these tricks together seem to alleviate the pains for me.

Acupuncture can help as a preventative too, but not all acupuncturists treat the same way so you might need to try a couple before you find the right one.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the info. about acupuncture. I did try it for almost 3 months and it didnt help. But, I might try again!!

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