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I'm up at 1:00 AM in tears because of congestion. Anyone who has suffered from SEVERE nasal congestion hears my cry. It's currently 1:35 AM and i'm feeling some relief. WOO! here's what I did. I combined half the remedies I could come up with. First, I steamed- towel over my head- boiling water. annnd it got worse. The EXTREMELY small amount of air passage through my left nostril quickly sealed off completely to match the right. perfect. then, I make it happen. I add everything I had to the steaming mixture-recipe below. All while doing that I eat 'tomato tea'--try it out.

Screw Nasal Congestion Steamer Recipe:
dried oregano
Dried Basil
Garlic powder
Dead sea salt
white vinegar (b/c it's all i had)
baking soda

the boiling gets a little out of control so watch yourself. i was SERIOUSLY congested immediately during the steaming, BUT as i paced the kitchen in defeat my nose opened up.

Tomato Tea Deliciousness:
Can of petite diced tomato-all i had
garlic powder- wishing for garlic cloves..oh well's 1 AM
sea salt
juice from pepperoncini jar
--bring to boil and eat it up. it's seriously delicious and I hate that says something.

my left nostril is still pretty shut, but as least I have some sort of relief. maybe i can sleep? let me know how it works out.

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I heard about the tomatoe tea before and it does work. I added a dash of Cayenne Pepper to mine. It's worth a try.


I have server allergy and my nose is really clogged up, I tried all the medicine and still no good. For temporary belief, try Wasabi (the green mustard for Japanese food), it really opened up


I have always suffered SEVERE chronic nasal congestion. I have been battling it to the point where I can't sleep and suffer severe anxiety. I was raised using boiling water and a blanket over my head. Ive use steamed wash cloths. Ive used this sort of salt water device. Even trying natural teas, peppermint gum. I use nasal spray but of course it has its side effect. I was also given flucotatonez (sp?) too lazy to go look at the rx, but I'm so done. I cant take it anymore. Its effects my life so bad. I try to use natural remedies, but nothings working. Has anyone heard of tubes in the nose? or maybe a more severe natural concotion?


this tip helps for a whil but make sure you have a tissue close by...
you need a jar of horse raddish shake it for 1 minute the sniff it it will sting for a minute or 2 but it helps


My mom is with Doterra and she bought a defuser and put breath and lime in it it helped a ton.


I'll admit i was really skeptical of the steamer recipe...but i have literally tried everything else on this page. Now I smell like a cheap Italian restaurant... But at least I can breathe!

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