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i felt a kidney infection coming on and if you've ever had one you know what the pain is. i honestly believe that nothing will cure it except antibiotics, but at this moment im trying something my mother said would help, CONCENTRATED LEMON JUICE WITH WATER OR HOT TEA, 2 TABLE SPOONS PER 8 OUNCES. THE LEMON CLEANSES YOUR LIVER AND KIDNEY, IT ALSO HELPS WITH U.T.I's AND SO FAR IVE DRANK 3 GLASSES OF IT AND IM ALREADY FEELING RELIEF, AND WHEN I WOKE UP I WAS IN SEVERE PAIN, EVEN CALLED IN TO WORK....SO HOPEFULLY THIS HELPS SOMEONE

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Hello! I'm interested in trying this out to try and relieve the kidney pain I'm experiencing as my kidney is infected. Out of curiosity, would regular lemon squeezed work? If so, what is the right proportion 2 tsp of concentrated lemon juice vs squeezed lemon? Thanks!


Pls, fresh lemon juice from market or what?let me in pains.u can also send it to my Thx a lot.

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