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i felt a kidney infection coming on and if you've ever had one you know what the pain is. i honestly believe that nothing will cure it except antibiotics, but at this moment im trying something my mother said would help, CONCENTRATED LEMON JUICE WITH WATER OR HOT TEA, 2 TABLE SPOONS PER 8 OUNCES. THE LEMON CLEANSES YOUR LIVER AND KIDNEY, IT ALSO HELPS WITH U.T.I's AND SO FAR IVE DRANK 3 GLASSES OF IT AND IM ALREADY FEELING RELIEF, AND WHEN I WOKE UP I WAS IN SEVERE PAIN, EVEN CALLED IN TO WORK....SO HOPEFULLY THIS HELPS SOMEONE

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Hhhmmm.. that makes me wonder because I full believe when you have a 'true' craving you should eat it if its a food, and I crave lemons when I'm comming down with a kidney infection. And I eat them!


I too had a kidnry infection that came on quite suddenly. I tried this remedy out of desperation and because it was all I had on hand. IT WORKED! After my second glass i began to feel relief. By the time I finished my third glass I had no pain and was urinating normaly. Thanks for the great tip!!


I think that i may have a kidney infection, gonna try this now as I LOVE lemons :)I really hope it works, I feel terrible at the moment


I have taken this remedy for a couple of years now. It does work! it also help with cleansing your urinary track, so it doesn't cause other issues.

Linda C

Trying it now. Looking forward for relief. Thank you.


i went to the docs this morning; afta having a pain in that area, afta the sample was taken; doc gace me a scipt to combat yes a kidney infection; but as im in so much pain i thought i'd google to try and get some relief.. and yes came across the lemon and hot water trick.. am trying it now :) thanku very much i hope it works


i typed just b4 about coming across this website and its remedy for kidney infection- it works lemon and hot water works, i have only had 3 cups today and i'll b doing it again tomorrow; thank you very much for sharing your information :)


thank you for posting, after 3 hot lemon teas, i felt immediate relief!!!


i tried this and so far ive drank it three tims and feel so much better. thank you so much! i was in horrible pain and now i feel great!! gonna continue this all night and tomorrow til im better thanks so much!!


Does it have to be fresh (real) lemon? Or can I use the store bought lemon juice?

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