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Just like everyone else here with the remedies they tried ..i had a clogged or plugged ear sounded squishy inside like was driving me i tried some of your remedies ..since it had been mentioned several times it is a sinus related problem..i tried this and it worked in less than an hour but then i did it repeatedly all day and so far so good...the ear is back to normal...
i just took A BLOB OF VICKS VAPOR RUB in my nosrils and inhaled it till the effect of the vapour made my nose run and i blew my nose several times and VOILA my ear cleared after 3 days of suffering...
hope it works for others as well as it did for me :)

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I have been told i have Glue ear by my doctor. He has told me to inhale diluted vicks in warm water which will clear the mucus. Has anyone tried thi? I am hoping this will work as my ear is pretty painful.


Vicks vaporub seems good for chest congestion ....chest cold....rub a little to warm the area....

Over the years, vicks also seems to have changed in its efficacy.... Probably not so strong effect like before.

Also less sticky feel...which is good.


I had a painful severe ear infection for months, doc gave me antibiotics and ear drops but they didn't really work.. Read about vicks on here.. So gave it a try I put it on a cotton wool ball and put it in my ear for a few nights and the infection has totally gone I am so relieved.. Thanks for the advice on this page everyone and to vicks ??


I have always had bad sinuses. My hearing started getting bad. I went to 2 different hearing doctors (one very famous) and both recommended hearing aids. I started to use the Vicks on a cotton ball in each ear every night and my hearing has improved! Substantially!! I went from a volume of 38-41 on the TV down to 30-33.

Also , I have more ear wax now.

I hope this helps others.

Lisa Love

For the earache, I'm using Mentholatum, does anyone know if this is just as effective as Vick's Vapor Rub?


So I tried this on a cotton ball, and it helped the pain, but my inner ear is kind of clogged with the Vicks! Any suggestions how to get the Vicks OUT of the ear? Tried peroxide, which helped a bit but still feels like the Vicks is glopped up in the ear.Tried the syringe ball to suck it out, but it's not helping. Q-tips got out some but it's the gooey-ness that's way down deep, I don't want to put Q-tip in too far!

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