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Just like everyone else here with the remedies they tried ..i had a clogged or plugged ear sounded squishy inside like was driving me i tried some of your remedies ..since it had been mentioned several times it is a sinus related problem..i tried this and it worked in less than an hour but then i did it repeatedly all day and so far so good...the ear is back to normal...
i just took A BLOB OF VICKS VAPOR RUB in my nosrils and inhaled it till the effect of the vapour made my nose run and i blew my nose several times and VOILA my ear cleared after 3 days of suffering...
hope it works for others as well as it did for me :)

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Someone just told me the other day that their uncle used Vicks Vapor Rub like this. Problem was he started experiencing problems with breathing and with all the tests they were thinking it was lung cancer. However, when testing further they found that he had inhaled the Vicks gobs, and it was in the lungs causing the problem. I believe that if you read the bottle, it will tell you not to do this! You can rub it around your sinuses on the sides of your nose, but don't put it in the nose.


VICKS VAPOR RUB if placed on a cotton ball does really help with ear infections. I've tried it. It is a little painful because the vix is drawing out the infection inside the ear. I could feel it but after a few days my ear infection is gone. I would agree not to inhale the stuff though. Just place Vix on cotton ball, then stick cotton ball in ear. Never place the Vix right into the ear though, that would be bad, just on the outside of the ear.


It really helped thanks (:


My daughter (2 years old)) woke up at midnight crying from ear pain. I had read about putting Vicks on a cotton ball and placing it in the ear. I decided to give it a try and it seems to have worked. She is sound asleep. Fingers crossed she sleeps through the night.


I know the original post is old, but do not put Vicks in your nose. For some reason, my grandpa's mom did this when they were kids. My gpa continued as an adult. It also caused him lung disease and eventually killed him. Granted, he did this nightly, so a time or two won't hurt, but don't make a habit of it!


I had an ear problem with running ear wax and then crusting and it actually spread to my ear lobe where wearing earrings was painful. I started putting Vicks Vaporub on the outer ear al the way to the lobe and behind the ear and it is actually getting better!

Jennifer. B

I know all these posts are old except two are most recent posts from only a year ago. This website with these feedbacks must be knowledge able rather agree or disagree as this page and comments still exists and come up in the top 3 searches for vicks vaporub.

I am glad I read this about the vicks in the nose. As I have never put it actually in my nose but I put it around my nose and sleep inhaling it.

Glad to now know this can cause serious and deathly illnesses.

However I will share some positive facts I've used the Vicks Vaporub for.

#1 - My dogs tail when he was chewing it and it was bleeding and open wound but no matter what the vet gave him to heal it he just licked it off and even chewed threw his cone on his head. As well as several times I tried wrapping it and bandaging it and nothing worked.So I put the Vicks Vaporub on his tail and he stopped licking it off and it healed up the wound in 3 days.

I also used it on my other dog on the outside of her ears when they were ichy and dry and she was scratching them constantly and it also healed in 3-5 days and she stopped scratching.

For the dogs I used the kids Vicks so it wasn't as strong

#2 Vicks works wonders on ingrown toe nails or infected toe nails. As well as athletes feet. I own a salon and I advise this to my clients and a handful of them tried it as well as myself and it really heals fast and works great.

I came in search of this site because I've had a plugged ear with no hearing for a week no infection or ear wax build up just an ear thats plugged only in my left ear. No hearing at all deaf in that ear. The doctor gave me a decongestant and ear drops but it's not helping.

So I'm hoping the Vicks Vaporub on cotton balls helps.


Jennifer, did it help!? Dying to find out. Dealing with the same thing tonight after a beach vacation and some water in the left ear


God Bless you all! I've heard about it helping with earache etc. So o found these comments. I don't have cottonballs,so I balled up a tissue and have put some on it and on the out side of my ear for the night. Let you know in the morning how I feel.

Moe Moe

I have been suffering for 5 days from a severe ear infection, I have been losing sleep over it, it's gotten so bad, my outer ear got swollen. I can't take prescribed meds, they knock me out for too long, and I have a family to take care of. So I put some vicks on my outer ear behind and over by the orafacise. It worked within 2 minutes! Thank you for this page!

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