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Any time you have pain in your mouth most likely it is an infection. If you do not get rid of the infection anything else is a bandaid.
Place some table salt and inpact it into your infected tooth
keep it in there and add some peroxide.
Hold the peroxide into your mouth(with the salt) tilting your head twords the infected area.
(You will be able to feel it penitrate) Try to hold it as long as you can you will begin to feel the pressure ease.(REMEMBER DO NOT SWALLOW)
Next and last step after you spit you want some listerine.
Listerene kills bacteria and is a great antiseptic.
You must hold the listerine as long as you can as you did with step 1
You will actually feel a sting but it will feel SO MUCH better.
In a few minutes you will most likely feel the infection coming out of your mouth it will leave a very bad taste. Try not to swallow and keep spitting .
You do not want to swallow the infection.
This will give you some time to save money for a dentist.Just repeat as needed.
You may want to do it 2-3 times a day or as needed to contain the infection.

Hope you feel better!

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