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Red Cross Toothache Kit - absolutely amazing...I did not know that you could delvelop dry socket from coughing. I had both bottom wisdom teeth out on monday and have a cold. Did everything right, no smoking, no straws, lots of swishing...could not understand why I am still in so much pain on about this kit on this site...flew to walgreens...totally amazing...if you are in pain, DO THIS!!! Best $5.99 I have ever spent!

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you arent supposed to swish. thats prob where u got ur dry socket from. dry socket is cause when the blood clot covering the exposed bone in the socket comes out. then the bone is exposed to the air. Its very painful. swishing smoking sucking in any way and coughing can all cause it.. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled last sat and i am dealing with dry socket now. ugh. If u go back to ur dentist he can 'pack' ur holes with a fiber like stuff that will gradually go away and it is tastes like and smells like cloves. i went back to mine and he packed my right one and it feels a lot better. the left one the stiches came out and it opend up and now i have a lot of pain from that. going tomorrow morning to get it packed!! Im Telling u the kit might get u through the night but go to ur dentist so he can prperly clean out the hole and pack it witht he meds. it should be free considering its a followup.

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