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Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil to affected areas to help the healing process.

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Hey guys!!! i want to thank everyone for your remedies. I am 20 years old and just had a baby but i stayed with stretch marks on my stomach, thighs and butt.

Ok so i put most of u guys remedies together and i been using it for a day.. when i woke up this morning i couldnt feel my stretch marks... and the redness is fading. My skin is soo smooth i can feel the difference and also see it..

i used:

Coffee grind
Apricot Scrub
cod liver oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Bio- Oil
Aloe Vera Gel
Vitamin A,C and E


First mix the Coffee with the scrub and Aloe vera gel. Apply for 60 seconds after shower. message for 60 seconds. Then rinse off.

Pat Dry and apply the mixture of Aloe Vera Gel,Vitamin A,C&E, Bio- oi, Cod liver oil and Extra virgin olive oil. message into the skin.

P>S. The Cod liver oil, Aloe Vera gel and the Vitamins have a weird smell so you have to be careful. I used the Real Aloe Plant so it was slimy and goes to the bottom of the oil.

I hope it works for you guys because it is working wonders for me..


I'm going to try Kelly's remedy (page 6) since I already use a pumice stone. I even have some aloe vera gel sitting in my medicine cabinet. We'll see what happens!


So far so good! The stretch marks not as deep as they were before. I'm still pluggin' away at them! The only difference is that I'm not using aloe gel with the pumice stone as Kelly did. I'm just using soap. That works a lot better for me.


Hola, I am 14 years old I have been going up and down in weight for a couple years now, and in a result I have not only stretch marks but cellulite also. If anyone has any suggestions please e-mail me at . Gracias!


I had these ugly thingz from the age of 14 & i'm now 29.U become desperate so u end up trying anything & this is what i discovered....(1)wash affected area in warm water with soap(2)take a cotton pad,wet it a bit then dab it baking soda(bicarbonate of soda),stretch the area ur working on & start exfoliating,do this for however long you feel is neccessary but note that there'll be redness - don't let this scare u it's worth it.(3) after this wash up with soap( preferably dove/moisture blast soaps) again to ensure all soda is cleansed off(4) dry urself off with a towel & apply ur oils/lotions
(i discovered stretch mark lotions only discolour ur skin)
u'll notice a dfrnc/reduction in size of ur marks rite away & if u keep doing this u cud have them off in about a month or less.
remember to be kind to ur skin though,try to skip a day in between ur soda exfoliations to give the redness a chance to calm down or if ur pist off enuf like me just keep doing it til u feel sorry enuf for urself to take a bit of a break...i will not lie to u it works,the stretchmarks disappear & are only visible if u pull skin back hard enuf & even so u see very little - hope this works for u like it did for me coz i was really tired of remedies that didn't work - whoever says u can't get rid off these motherf*&kers is a liar!!!!

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