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Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil to affected areas to help the healing process.

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HI, I'm from south africa and would just like to say a great big thanks to you guys out there for sharing this information and remedies with us :) I'm pretty sure it'll work, I've got faith that the treatments submitted by these generous people will definately help me :)

x, Kelly


If anyone knows how to remove stretch marks e-mail me at


hi, im 19 and ive had a stretch marks for a little while now and of course want to get rid of them. Some days they seem a lot worse than others. Does anyone know if sitting down for long periods of time will make them worse? I am studying at uniiversity & a lot of my course requires spending hourse in front of the computer. I will try to avoid this if it is going to make them worse. Thanks to everyone for sharing their remedies...i can't wait to start trying some!


I'm 14 and have incredibly annoying stretch marks from recently and a few years ago during growth spurts. Some how I managed not to care when I was younger, but now that I've REALLY noticed them I've started looking into ways of getting rid of them. I tried this one product called 'Derma E Scar Gel' totally in doubts of it working, but surprisingly although I only used it regularly for about a week, they faded a fair bit, silver and pink ones. As you can imagine it was a total releif. The only problem with the product is that suposedly it takes a few months for it do work its magic completely, and you run out fast, causing it to be pretty expensive. It's about 20-ish dollars per jar. But I do recomend it! Strangely enough especially for silver ones (maybe it's just my imagination but they seem to have faded a bit more than the pink). Anyways, in agreement to some of hte previous comments, you're beautiful with or without your stretch marks and don't let them get you down! Either way, they WILL fade whethor you do anything or not. And despite what I'm saying I'm still going to buy some vitamin E oil and all that jaz tomorow! lol Good luck guys!


hey i was just wondering, because i'm hearing a load of success stories about the vitamin E oil, does it work for pink AND silver? or just pink?
thanks so much!


Re: the above comment: I am no expert but I do have plenty of stretch marks on my stomach from pregnancy. The silvery white ones are older stretch marks and the pink ones are the newer ones. Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter are what was recommended to me but they did not get rid of the stretchmarks- only lightened them. One of the most important things I was told was to keep your stretch marks out of the son for two years or there is a greater chance they will stick around. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and try some of the remedies you see listed here. I am personally going to try the Cher apricot scrub home remedy that was oulined before (the coffee grind one sounds painful). I have always been told that it is impossible to get rid of stretchmarks, you can only lighten them- but I am willing to give it a try. There are many things that deplete our skin of its elasticity like weather, lack of hydration and moisture, and smoking. So keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water, use some of the oils and methods listed above to moisturize your skin, and if you smoke a lot it may affect your results. The scrubs help to get the blood flowing and bring circulation to that area to carry away bad toxins and help the healing process. Dry brushing your skin with a natural bristile brush also helps- but these things need to be done almost daily to be effective. Best of Luck!


hi everyone I have white stretch marks on the side of my buttocks from um a contraception pill dianette (diane 35 in australia - thats where im from)I have tried strivectin cream but only helped a little and it cost alot but now Im trying vitamin e cream with Emu oil and I have seen DRAMATIC diffrence. The emu is a native aust bird.I bought my cream at a health food store for a much lesser price of strivectin


Yeahh Stri Vectrin is too expensive.. I do not see it working much and it's already two bottles. Although mind you I was not paranoid enough to remember to use it 3 times a day so maybe it was me and lack of commitment :P Let's try the vitamin E. And yes, why are you alright and one day stare at your back at the mirror and feel so bad?? as if everything appeared in one night. I've been more healthy lately and can actually 'see' my cellulite is getting...somehow better... but nothing for the stretch marks, hate to see everyone in their bikinis and I am with my old swimsuit shorts feeling horrible :( but hey if the guys got complexes from something i guess there would be 32463346347 studies and working products out there so the poor guys wouldnt suffer!! but hey good luck and thanksss for the recommendations!!


Let me begin by saying, you are not alone. Stretch marks affect up to 70% of the population. There are many sites out there that offer 'miracle cures', 'lotions & potions'etc...the only catch is you need to pay for such information. Makes you sit and wonder if they are really concerned about our skin or just our sure you all know the answer. Dont be fooled. For many years now i have been on a journey on trying to discover a cure to rid stretch marks, not only for myself but all those other sufferers out there...and no catch attached. Why u may ask? Ive had them for over 12years and know exactly what it feels like, not only physically but emotionally & mentally. My outcome 'ITS NOT WHATS ON THE OUTSIDE, ITS WHATS IN THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS'. And to all my dear friends, by this i mean we need to start the vanishing proccess from the inside out.
There are many natural miracle foods that will help us RE-NEW our skin. Just to name a few,
Avocado, asparagus, broccoli, celery, cucumber, carrots, tomato, spinach, okra, parsley, corriander, mint, watercress, garlic, olive oil, honey, natural yogurt, all berries, prunes, seeds like: sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flaxseed and nuts: Walnuts, almonds, cashews etc..remember to try and eat food in its natural form. This will help the body absorb all the benefits more, as they carry a vast amount of vitamins and minerals which aid in the rebuilding and repair of skin. Drinking water is also an essential ingriedient. Helps to flush out toxins from the skin and body aswell as keep our skins hydrated.
Now that we have the inside sorted, we can now deal with the outside.

Please do not use the following scrub or moisturiser, if you have any known allegies to the ingriedients used. Please consult a physician if you are pregnant or under a doctors care.

This is a natural scrub i have created that will assist you in the process of vanishing stretch marks. To be used whilst showering like any other boby scrub. This scrub helps stimulate blood flow to affected areas.

1 cup of dry sea sand
1/3 cup of honey
1/3 olive oil
2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder.

This is a natural skin moisturiser i have created that help rid stretch marks, reccomended to be used after showering when skin pores are still open. simply massage into skin.

1/4 cup of olive oil
4 drops of vitamin E oil
4 drops of frankinsense oil

I have been using both my scrub and moisturiser for the past 12weeks and am impressed with the significant difference it has made in the appearance of my stretch marks.

This is my gift to you. If you wish to accept, my wishes are with you all.
Love Jessie.
Please feel free to email me with comments


I am 19 years old and have had stretch marks for about 4 years. I got them from gaining weight fast, throughout puberty. Some have faded, but not many. I have them on my breasts, all up my sides/wrapped around my back from my hips to my breasts. I also have a few around my belly button. I HATE them! They are so embarrassing! I want to get rid of them! If I can't completely get rid of them, I would at least like to get rid of the ugly color! Mine are mostly red/pink colored. Anyone have any home methods that they know actually work!? Please email me and let me know!! Thanks!
Maria in Pennsylvania

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