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Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil to affected areas to help the healing process.

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I got stretch marks from birth control that made me bloat up really quickly at random. I'm only 17, but they are really bad- like covering all of my hipbones, moving around to my lower back and almost to my bellybutton. They look really strange because I'm normally skinny as a rail. I've been doing the Vitamin E gel thing for about four days and I can ALREADY see a huge difference. The ones on my right are so light they are almost invisible and the ones on my left are getting smaller. Thank you so much for this!


Hi happy girl! Could you please write me how to get rid of my stretch marks? I cant find the site of cher. My email is Please happy girl i will be very grateful.


R.E.S I sympathise with you, the same thing happened to me, good luck with the vitamin e oil


I am going to try the above apricot etc.
I actually looked at the site before reading this, and was thinking of paying glad didn't waste my money.
I got my stretch marks from, the pill injection. they are horrible. can't wait to see if they go.

I've heard grape seed helps too.


It doesn't matter what brand of coffee you use, just try testing it first. Take a clear glass cup and put a spoonful of ground coffee in there. Pour some water in there, and let it set for a while. Mix it, and see if the water has turned brown, if it has, then that is the right kind of coffee for you.

Now, before I give you my whole process, I must tell you that if you are dark skinned, this probably will moisturize your skin and color the marks a darker, less visible color, instead of letting them disappear ( I have no idea why, but it just affects darker skinned peeps in a different way) . However, this process did not get rid of my marks, they simply faded them a wee bit, and my skin is nearly transparent.

Take about three spoonfulls of coffee grounds and mix them with either aloe vera gel, or any kind of lotion. NOTE: Antibacterial lotion will not work. (Scented ones tend to mix with the coffee smell and produce a...err...interesting smell). You are looking to make a paste like material that will go on like a cast for a broken leg, or such. For more stretch marks, make more. Do this sitting in your bath or in your shower please, or else you are going to make a terrible mess. Also, your bathroom is going to smell like a cafeine-a-holic for a while. won't smell horrible.

Once you have it plastered on there nice and good, get a brush or comb you DO NOT USE, and softly, gently rub clockwise. When done, rinse off your body in the shower thoroughly (helps to do this without clothes on, no matter propriety), and then rub on aloe vera gel in the affected area. Although this may sound strange, wrap a towel around you without touching the thickly lathered aloe vera, and go sit and read a book, or simply sit in the bathroom and wait for the aloe vera to dry. Once done, do it again if necessary 'stickiness' (stickiness, I mean as in you can tell you have something rubbed there) is not good enough. Throw on scrub clothes or pajamas, and preferably sleep or do non-physical things.

Order of operations:

1) Sit in tub (preferably do this before sleep)
2) Mix desired amount of coffee grounds (preground) with aloe vera or non-antibacterial lotion
3) Spread on affected area in a thick cast-like plaster.
4) Use a comb or brush you DO NOT USE to rub gently in a clockwise manner. Then, rub with hands to dilute across your skin if you so desire. This will help with cellulite too if you use a comb for about 7 mins every day.
5) Rinse off after 10 mins of letting the plaster sit.
6) Rub on aloe vera very thickly, (You may wrap in a bandage if you like and let sit if on your thighs, or stomach. Not recommended for breasts. Then, put pajamas or clothes on over it.) Let it dry or crust (no worries, that's good)
7) Apply more if you so wish, but too much will break you out in sores. Aloe vera tends to do that in mass amounts

Things to Remember:
1) Aloe vera - breaks you out if used too much
2) Do the thick aloe vera only 2 times a week
3) Do the coffee grounds every other day if skin isn't rubbed raw (My friend did that and she was sore for ages. Her marks went practically away though ;-) )
4) Coffee grounds - dark residue - GOOD!
5) Do NOT grind the coffee yourself. Buy it preground. Home grinding mechanics tend to leave big chunks. When brushed over your skin, it hurts. Super bad.
6) Try using a soft avacado, peach, or apricot body scrub in the shower after coffee grounds to cool and soothe your skin. Other veggies and fruits work too, but I found those three the most effective.

Good luck, and don't hurt yourselves over this.


I would like to know what kind of wooden massajer is it. I have lots of opcions, and i donĀ“t know what can i do.
- wooden hand massager
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Please, tell me or send an image to me.


I'm 18 years old and i have stertch marks basically all over my body I had them seens my early teens and in the past couple of months i've been drinking a lot a lot of milk and some orange juice and i've seen my stretch marks shrink but i want them to disappear all together so i wanted to know if the website works or not?????


from comment above please email me at

belly showin mom

i just want to simply say thanks to all of you im a 24 yr old mother of one who is in the entertainment(dancer) business i've been looking for something and wasting 100's of $'s on so-called cures i am anxious to try and see what happens


i am 23 year old ballet dancer and i have streach marks all over. if anyone has found something that works it would be such a help if you could e- mail me at and tell me. thanks

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