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Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil to affected areas to help the healing process.

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ok .... now where do you find collagen? and what exactly is it? Look like?


Someone please email me the recipe for getting rid of stretchmarks!!!God bless you all. or

Thank you!!


hi everyone
ok stop stressing, 1m 26 with two kids and no stretch marks...why?
thanx to my my first i started gettin them then i was told to mix vitmin e cream,vitmin k and cod liver oil together and apply morning and nite for 60 seconds.(if u can't find vitmin k use the other 2)u hav to do this EVERYDAY until u like the result...also i somtimes used lavender essential oil every second day by telling u SERIOUS IT WORKS...ALL MY FRIENDS R BIG GIRLS & HAV NO MARKS...TRY IT


hi!!!!!!!!!!!I also want to want the complete procedure of cher remedy.could you pls. send it to my email(, im hoping that this would help me get rid of my stretch marks.Pls pretty pls. help me.Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!


Just to let you all know the way you use the Jean Wu system ( Apricot scrub ) is to take 4-5 tsps. of the apricot scrub and put it in a bowl. Then you take 1/2 tsp of 100% pure aloe vera gel and a few drops of safflower oil ( you get this in any grocery store right next to the vegetable oil) and mix them in with the apricot scrub. Next you take a hot shower for about 5-10 minutes to soften the skin. Then when you get out of the shower you only wipe the water off with your hands. Take the mixture you made earlier and spread it on 1 section of stretch marked skin at a time. With a hand massager (preferrably a good sturdy one made of wood) you massage over the stretch marks in a circular motion (clockwise) until it turns a red or pink color. Then you use wet loofah on the spots for about another minute. Then of course you have to hop back into the shower and rinse it all off. Then you take some of the collagen-elastin St. Ives lotion and put it in the palm of your hand and mix it with the same amount of aloe vera gel and a few drops of the safflower oil and then rub it onto the spots you massaged. You have to do all this on a schedule. Do all the stuff mentioned above right before going to bed and then skip it for the next 3 nights, then do it all again wait another 3 nights and do it again. Continue this schedule for a week or two and then switch it to doing the massage 1 night and then waiting 10 days to do it again. The reason for this is so that the areas you massage have time to heal before doing again. On a personal note--I have had this remedy for about 2 months and follow it faithfully. My stretch marks have not shrunk one bit but they have faded dramatically, but are still very noticable if you ask me.


Stretching Susan

I'm 29 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. I have new stretch marks appearing on my stomach. Can I use the remedy whilst I'm pregnant, or should I wait until my baby id born?

ready to try

i am only 20 years old and during my pregnancy i was given steroid shots to help my baby's lungs... the shots made me gain weight like you wouldnt beleive, causing very unsightly stretch marks. Its been a year now and ive tried everything... creams, lotions and home remedies... now i have found this site and i am sort of discouraged about it but i am willing to try anything...i hope this works

your friend

I have wanted to get rid of my stretch marks for the past two years (that's how long i've had them).. I had a GREAT growth spirt and I feel that my entire body(my back, upper arm, behind me knees) have been 'attacked'. I will try this, but like the poster before me, I feel a little discouraged. I pray for the best for all of you. Just to let you guys in on my secrete, You are beautiful with of without stretch marks, removing them is because you want to, not to look good. God bless you all. My e-mail address is if anyone would like to share remedies or if anyone just needs someone to talk to.


Ok Im 14 years old and have stretch marks on my breasts, thighs, and sides. They seem to be popping up everywhere i look. At this age is damaging to my confidence. The marks have made me very self concious. I've tried special lotions before and applying just plain vitamin E and nothing has seemed to work. Im going to try Using the collagen, aloe, and apricot scrub. If any one has any tips to speed things along could you please Email me. My email is please Email me!! Thank you so much

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