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I used the white vinegar in my son ear it worked in less than 5 minutes. He was crying in pain and I had tried ear drops and rubbing alcohol over a matter of an hour and they did nothing and after four drop of vinigar and pulling his ear a little bit so the drops could run down his ear canal he said the pain was gone in less then 5 minutes. This was great he is now asleep, I will take him to the doctor in the morning but at least he was able to go to sleep. My son is 11 years old.

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I just tried this on my daughter (she's 6). She's now quiet and resting comfortably. She has ear infections a lot and peroxide doesn't work for her so I'm grateful to have found something that works during the hours that the doctor isn't open.


After my 4 year old son was tossing and turning all night, and pleading for me to 'take me to the doctor so he can fix my ear', I tried the white vinegar. It was 4:00 in the morning and I was at my wit's end. Neither of us had any sleep. I ran downstairs to the internet and looked up home remedies for ear aches. Thank God! At first he said, 'Ow! OW it hurts!' Then within 2-3 minutes he said, 'That's better mommy, I'm not sick anymore.' We are going to the doctor today, but after he gets some sleep.


My * year old- woke up screaming with an ear ache. I did these drops and within minutes the pain was gone and he could finally go back to sleep. He did say it stung at first but he let me do 3 drops total and the pain is gone. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS.


this method is recommended by our ent though we have yet to try it. anyway they seem to think that it works


my 9 yr old had a bad ear infection and was in a lot of pain , so i looked up this site and found the cure WHITE VINEGAR. A few drops and w/i 5 minutes felt alot better. thank u :)


I am a 39 year old male and decided that enough was enough with my ear pain and something had to be done. I tried white vinegar and it seemed to have helped!


Just tried it one my two year old and it worked. Spend the night crying and is now playing. Says her ear doesn't hurt. We prayed too !


Well maybe not 5 min. but defintly 6 min.she is sleeping. 4 year old screaming for 3 hours wife wanting to go to the ER dad saying no. Last ditch effort check the internet and I found this site.THANK YOU!Oh ya 3 drop of warm white viniger.


i tried apple cider vinegar in my ear and it burned really bad but it really does work my ear feels better and i can hear a little better than what i did.


doing it right far working! feels better already! thanks!

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