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I used the white vinegar in my son ear it worked in less than 5 minutes. He was crying in pain and I had tried ear drops and rubbing alcohol over a matter of an hour and they did nothing and after four drop of vinigar and pulling his ear a little bit so the drops could run down his ear canal he said the pain was gone in less then 5 minutes. This was great he is now asleep, I will take him to the doctor in the morning but at least he was able to go to sleep. My son is 11 years old.

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this did not work for me and i was dying! Vinager, olive oil, hydrocin proxide nothing worked. I finally just kept squeezing hot water in to canal and leting it drain after it cool repeatedly. after trying all of that my ear isnt in excruciating pain anymore. Oh and a heating pad.


Tried this with my daughter (12) and she said had a slight sting to it but the ache was gone, for now.


I tried the white vinegar with my 5 year old son who was in pain and couldn't sleep. Within a couple minutes he said the pain was gone. I'm so glad I tried this. Thanks!!


I tried this with my 5 year old daughter who had been up for over 2 hours crying about her ear hurting. I also used a heating pad on her ear after I placed the drops in them. It seemed to work great and bring immediate relief. What a wonderful answered prayer!

mom in Missouri

My son is 8. I tried tha vinegar with him and it worked. I'm also using a heating pad. Thanks for sharing.


I using white vinegar in both of my ears just last night because they were throbbing out of controll and it did not help. If anything, I think it made it worse because after 3 hours I was forced to take myself to the emergecy room because my ears started bleeding. I wouldn't reccomend white vinegar.


This did not help any. If anything it made it hurt more.


I used after reading this and thank god shes 8 and sleeping..she was so much in discomfort and with in 10minutes also using a heating pad shes asleep! hopefully gets her through the night..doc's in morning! thanks!!


I am a 31 year old male. I haven't had many ear infections in my life. I have one now and have tried the white vinegar. It has worked a little, most of the pain is gone.


I have been using vinegar for years on my children. My son would wake up screaming. Within about 30 seconds of putting the drops in no more pain and end of infection. Dr. Oz also recommended this treatment.

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