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Hey, I'm a 26 year old female who has had genital warts I believe for almost a year, I've never went to the doctor because of embarrassment, I made an apt two weeks ago becuz I'm soo sick of havin them, I came to this site moments after thinkin maybe ill a lil more about it.. I'm sure lots can't believe home remedy s work, THEY DO!! Maybe not forever, but I started to put apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball n taped it to the wart that has been there the longest n also was the biggest, it stings a lil..I left it on for a few hrs n took it off, the wart started to turn black just like this site said it would, I freaked!! But repeated the process for four days, today I went to the bathroom, when I wiped the wart came off! I hope this helps someone like me I'm not really a believer of this stuff but I promise u this works! Good luck!

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I have done the cotton ball thing w. Medical tape and the apple vinger oil but I have been doing it 3 days and nothing happened. Not it even turning black I only have one and it's not big but not small am I doing something wrong?


she said apple cider vinegar....not oil


What does the skin look like after the wart comes off? and are there any problems after it does come off like itching or anything?

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