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drink a small can of saurkraut juice! It works for me for a full 24 hours and heals erosin and ulcers.

I also get a small glass of water, sugar, mix baking soda, mix, white vinager, mix and drink while still fizzing. It works for a while and does not taste bad if you mix it right.

I also heard but not tried equal parts of cinnamon and honey in warm water is what they use in eastern countries.

But the suarkraut is the best nutralizer!!!! And it cools. I get so bad I bleed and it does not hurt.

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the cinnamon and honey in warm water works! i have acid reflux. i always sleep on my stomach, even if i fall asleep on my side or back, i will end up on my stomach. one night while i was waking up in the middle of the night, i had a terrible spell of acid reflux. it was burning so bad and i didnt know any immediate remmedies for relief. so i googled and read on here and saw the cinnamon and honey in warm water. i tried it and i felt instant relief! thank you for the tip!

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