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Mrs. Myers

I have had acne my whole life. I thought nothing would ever work and just came to the conclusion that I would always have it. I tried everything! Now in my late 20's I finally found something. I tried toothpaste, proactive, you name it I tried it! If you have had acne you know it can scar not only your face and body but also your relationships. I used to hide in the bathroom until I had makeup on and even then it was obvious. I lost boyfriends because of my own insecurity. Everyone tried to give me advise as if it were me causing the problem. The thing that finally worked for me was as simple as sugar and cinnamon! It burns like hell! But you know that if you have it, it is worth it. I just mix up a cup of sugar and a third cup of cinnamon in a little jar in my bathroom. I wet my face with water and scoop up a small amount and rub it all over my face until I can't stand the burn. My face will be red for a little while but I don't mind. Sometimes I fallow up with a dab mild lotion like baby lotion to calm my skin.

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i tried this a little while ago. and it does burn lke none other! But my face is sooooo soft! I just hope that it will clear up my face also

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