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Natural REMEDY - completely painless - works like a miracle every single time!!!!!
I had a big plantar wart in my heel about two years ago. After about a year of fighting with it, I had it surgically removed. I was ok for like 4 months, then I noticed another one forming right next to the scar of the previous one. Time passed, it got big and extremelyyyyyyyyy painfullll. I took a vow that I will never go with the surgery again, so I tried banana peel, garlic, apple cider vinegar, duct tape, pineapple, thuja ointment + the thuja pills (From BOIRON - homeopathic treatment for warts). NOTHINGGGGG worked, and not only that those remedies didn't work but i started having more and more. Two weeks ago I ad a total of 7 plantar warts - a big one and 6 little ones around it. I literally could not put my foot on the ground. Anyways - while talking to my grandfather in Bulgaria who is 86 years old - he said the best treatment for plantar warts is PROPOLIS (as in bee propolis) - he said he had a big one in his heel when he was young -and he applied the actual propolis...the raw version directly on the wart and just kept it there. Of course, you cannot find raw propolis here in US at least I didn't find any. So I bought the TINCTURE. IT IS 16 DOLLARS A BOTTLE and is called Y.S. Organic Bee Farms - 70% Ultra Strength Propolis - Full Potency Bioflavonoids.
SOOOO: I applied every morning and every night a goodddd layer of the way..and then I put a gauze pad on top, fix my leg with the ACE elastic bandage to keep the pad in place and then went to sleep or whatever. The next day, the propolis becomes hard..and it forms kinda like a when you remove almost feels like you are removing a very thin layer of your skin..but you are not, don't worry. It just feels like it really really cleans your skin.
I have two weeks since I have been doing that...I have absolutely NO PAIN IN ANY OF MY WARTS ANYMORE. THEY ARE NOT SWALLEN, TENDER ANYMORE....THE LITTLE ONES ARE ALMOST GONE, YOU CAN BARELY SEE THEM, THE BIG ONE IS STILL THERE BUT THERE IS NO MORE PAIN...AND IT HAS SHRUNK IN A WAY THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES. SO I AM GOING TO KEEP APPLYING THE PROPOLIS UNTIL EVERYTHING IS GONE. tHERE IS NO PAIN, NO SMELL, NOTHING, JUST PLAIN MIRACLE. for the ones that are not familiar with propolis this is what the bees use to protect the hives from bacteria, viruses and fungi. It works for them, it definitely works for me. TRY IT, you are not going to regret the 16 dollars plus you don't have to deal with the smell of the ACV. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me..i am available to guide you through this. I promised myself before I sttarted this that IF THIS REMEDY WORKS, i AM GOING TO POST IT EVERYWHERE, SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN AND THE STRUGGLE OR TREATING PLANTAR WARTS ANYMORE.

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How do you apply a 'layer' of a tincture. Isn't it a liquid?


Hi - it is a liquid but it's pretty thick remember it's the most concentrated formula on the market...70% propolis. I use a q-tip to apply the propolis...I wait a few seconds, then I apply another drop or two..then at the end, I put the gauze pad...remember that gauze pad is very important so that you can remove it the next day, otherwise the tincture will harden and it will just adhere to the skin. Even if that is the case, you can always use rubbing alcohol to remove it, so don't panic if that is the case. If you have other questions, you can contact me at


Hi,I am looking to get way of my plantar warts too.Is your plantar warts gone now using the method you mention?


I just want to say THANK YOU for posting this. I too have been dealing with plantar warts for almost 4 years and tried everything. I figured I had nothing to lose but the $16.00 and it really worked. My dermatologist couldn't believe it. You couldn't see anything on the bottom of my foot. It took a good month for it to work for me but I kept at it everyday until they were gone.


This works. I did this 5 years ago after dealing with plantar warts for ten years and they've never returned. I am reading up now for a friend who wants to try it.


After 5 years of walking around with a dang banana peel strapped to my foot (or alternatively spending days and weeks hobbling in pain because of salycylic acid burns I finally had some success in attacking the wart with a paste I made of banana peel, bi-carb soda and aspirin. When the wart was weakened I had the thought to add propolis to the mix and after two days I switched to using propolis only the results were that dramatic. As of today ( week later) I believe my wart is dead howevere I am going to keep pieces of propolis soaked cotten in the crater until it is final.


This remedy works. I tried it 6 years ago after dealing with plantar warts on the ball of my foot for 7 years. It dawned on me one day to try it since I'd heard bee propolis has antiviral properties. I don't remember how long it took, but I kept at it, cleaning reapplying and covering...I am currently reading up for a relative who wants to try it. Best home remedy ever.

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