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well i tried using thuji oil, it worked before (took a few weeks), but then a few years later ive had a flare up again, I must suffer with HPV,
Anyway i tried using thuji oil again but it was burning my skin alot and making the skin on my bum really sore, so i stopped using the oil and applies E45 cream to the whole area..And after a couple of weeks the wart was starting to shrink..its nearly gone now im so pleased..

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Hi question what is HPV...?.
theres this website called it might help..
you could also try african herbs websites that mightt help.


Do you mean thuja oil? I wasn't too sure what that oil was so I went to google an it even asked what thuji oil was instead of thuja oil. Are you sure this could work? I just started having this problem like a month ago in that area so I'm new to this.

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