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I work in a retail store, and it just so happens one of my most frequent customers is an elderly Chinese man who teaches Philosophy at the local university and owns a small Apothecary as well, he gave me this remedy when I was having kidney troubles,he warned me 'Nasty horrible stuff, but you will feel better!'

8 oz hot water
1 tbsp red vinegar
1 tbsp honey

Mix thoroughly and drink slowly 3x day until symptoms clear up. The honey is to take some the bite and nastyness away from the vinegar, helps some but not all things in life are pleasant. DO NOT VOMIT or DRINK TOO FAST, take small to medium drinks until it is gone.

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thanks, i'm going to try it.


hello. i have a clarifying question: does this mean red wine vinegar?


Thank You , I'm Going to try that .
My grandmother is very ill , due to kidney infection . I Will tell her .


Honey also has some anti-bacterial properties. Maybe that helps in addition to making the vinegar more palatable. (Leave a jar of honey open ... one of the only natural foods on which bacteria/mold/etc will not grow. Pretty amazing stuff.)


Thank you for posting this, I tried this last night, I do feel a bit better today. But he was right it is aweful tasting, I had to pug my nose to get it down.


I just gave this to my husband. And you should of seen his face. I thought he was going to spue.


This remedy worked a treat for me. I experienced really sudden onset and a very painful right kidney when we were out with friends on a Saturday evening. I started this remedy on Saturday night when I got home and continued, three times a day until the pain had completely disappeared by Tuesday morning. I used red wine vinegar and that seemed to work just fine. I actually quite liked the taste once I had got used to it! Go heavy on the honey!

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