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I was diagnosed with genital herpes 6 years ago. My first outbreak was torture. I couldn't walk, go to the bathroom, wear pants or even sleep normal. I don't wish this on anyone. The doctors put me on Valtrex and a topical but before I knew what I had I thought it was a yeast infection and was using Vagisil. This definitely helped the pain!!! It's not the perfect thing to use but I happened to have it and it helped. You can buy this anywhere so it's a lifesaver. I just had an outbreak for the first time in 6 years. I got lucky it took that long but it still sucks! Since I haven't had one is so long, I wasn't prepared but happened to have Vagisil that's helping me for now. But I will try the peroxid or whatever i have in the house until I can get to the doctor or store.

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My first outbreak was torture too! I dreaded having to go to the bathroom and the doctor and I thought I just had a severe case of a yeast infection. She gave me pills and a topical, I went through 2 rounds of both and normally the infection would have been cured after 1 round. Found out later that I had GH, but not sure where it came from since my husband doesn't have it. I have only had a few outbreaks in the past 3 years since being diagnosed and they seem to only appear when I'm under a lot of stress. Is there anything you take on a daily basis to prevent yours? Not having one for 6 years is amazing I think! Thanks! J

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