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to get rid of cough overnight put plenty of vicks vapor rub on your feet and add thick socks and sleep with the socks overnight. then drink a mug full of hot cocoa. elevate pillows,keep warm(this may sound crazy but sleep with absolutley NOOOOOO LIGHT.)You should fell better by the next day. (you may also cough a couple of times in the morning but that is just the extra mucus trying to come out so make sure you cough it out)

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Yes, it does sound crazy.


I used the Baby vapor rub on my child's feet with socks covering it. I didn't get too heavy on the vapor rub because too much could be potentially bad. But, it did, indeed, stop his cough in the night. I was glad I tried that.

Haven't tried cocoa, but it seems hot milk and chocolate may help as well.

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