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Well this is my first time dealing with this kind of situation but I have done a lot of research and tests on my self to conclude that ACV DOES WORK!! I'm only 22 years old and contracted Genital Warts from unprotected sex! So stupied.. You live and you learn but sometimes to late. Im dealing with it the best I can and its working out. One poped out and then another and another and another. Got bigger and bigger. So I went to a STD specialist and he confirmed it was GW's. I have insurance and he recomended I do laser surgey on it. Which f***kin Hurts. It came back. So I went online and did research for a month. Long story short this is what worked amazingly for me! Went to the store and bought ACV (heinz) because it was one of the best one's i used and i went through a couple of test runs. Its got alot of pulp from the apple and i guess its pretty pure 5% acidic. Anyways I then took a bounty paper towel and folded it 1 to 1 1/2 inch over and over about 5 to 6 times getting it thick. soaked it in ACV and wrapped it around my shaft. Put some medical paper tape you can buy at CVS around it so that it wont fall off. I did this be4 i went to bed best time to do it. Woke up and those GW's where white and a small brown spot, so i knew something was working =). Anyways this stuff BURNS so be carefull and i read alot of people do get over burned but I think the first night it should be applied heavy on the GW's. Next day wake up and take a nice long WARM bath with Epson Salt, I poured half the carton in the water and stood in the bath for a good Hour! Next do the same but durring the day for a good 5 to 6 hrs. Remember everyone body is diff so take a look at it sometimes you dont want to burn your healthy skin which if you do will be okay, just hurts untill it heals. Then at night take another warm bath with EPSON Salt. Go sleep and dont out any more ACV. wake up next morning and put some ACV on for another 3 to 4 Hrs wrapped (becarefull if it is burning the skin leave it on for a hr or 2) You will see that the GW's are brownish / black with white and the healthy burned skin was just pure white and a lil possy looking lessions. Now later on take another bath with some Epson Salt again ( I poured some next to my shaft close by so it can absorb it more). Now that night when your about to go sleep take a condom put it on right and sleep with it till morning. I know it sounds stupid but it worked for me. I;m guessing because there is no air for the GW's to breath and it made a hudge difference for me. plus its feels lubricated so it does not hurt. I'm from NYC so I used the free ones from the clinic (NYC condom - natural rubber latex and it had some lube to it like most condoms do). Now next day wake up and take another bath with Epson Salt (warm bath) and you should be scabbing (it came right off in the water and looked great like nothing there!) I go to the GYM and eat right and take my vitamins and I have been Genital Wart free for over 8 months! Try it I HOPE IT WORKS FOR EVERY1. Good Luck to EVERY1.

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Thanks this actualy helped and the next day after I took of the condom and jumped in the shower they starter peeling off. I think you might be on to something thanks a million. Btw did burn my self with the over use of acv but it's healing. Epson salt is a good recomendation. Cheers


Hey guys I've also used apple cider vinegar works Here is what I did(I'm a Guy btw):

For Large Stubborn Warts:

They became resistant to ACV(apple cider vinegar) so to counter that I sterilized a needle(lighter + needle til red) and picked at the wart just enough to puncture it from a few sides(make sure you let the needle cool and wipe the burn metal) to let the apple cider soak in easier. Remember once punctured it is contaminated simplify dip the needle in ACV and continue so the virus doesn't spread!

How to secure ACV on warts:
1. medical wrap(self stick to itself)
2. medical tape
3. cotton balls
4. APV
5. Needles
6. Bandaids (for warts not on shaft or hard to reach)

-first, soak a cotton ball with ACV and continue with pre soaking warts.
-next, start isolating cottonballs soaked with ACV and apply to all targeted warts.
-than, take the medical wrap and wrap it around the shaft until it is secure enough to hold all cottonballs in place.
-finally, use medical tape to secure(suggest use only 1 inch strips) you will know why if you've done this enough and tried to wrap tape all around the shaft(PS. this constrains the penis when blood flows = uncomfortable + pain so beware!).

Good luck and be wart FREE
A concern I am having now is now that i'm wart free i still have scars from where the warts use to be how are you guys dealing with that?


This really worked, the ACV/Epson Salt treatment really worked.I did Exactly what this person told me to do, my warts fell off in four days. FOUR DAYS! A little painful but the end results are wonderful.

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