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Hi, i went to the hospital for my super sugar lows (always in the 20's or less) and finally met a nutritionist who put me on a 'diabetic diet'. I have 16 grams of carbs in snacks, and up to 50 grams in my full meals. Ignore sugar content!!! Youll be amazed how much processed food is loaded in carbs! Not only did i drop about 20 lbs, but i have not had blood sugar swings in about 6 months...i eat a lot of fresh foods and get cardio exercise about 3 times a week...i use to struggle with my blood sugar daily, constantly feeling no energy and sick...but sense i got a better eating life has turned around!! Go to a good nutritionist and make out a diet that works for pills needed, no shots, no hospital visits! Just remember to monitor your blood sugar as directed by a physician.

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I've had hypoglycemia since I was a young child and my symptoms have worsen over the years and all the Doctor wants to do is give me more meds to cover the new symptoms and it's very expensive. I have taken myself off 3 meds and I'm feeling the shakes again but I don't get serious migraines, or colapsing into a coma states for 9 to 24 hours, my double vision is gone, etc. I'm trying to find foods and anything else that will help me without the Dr. giving me more pills to cover the symptoms just to have more symptoms. You have inspired me that it can be done. thanks Sincerely Joan

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