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I have permed, color treated, and frizzy dry hair...for years ive just cut off the ends and tried not to use heat treatment bur nothing seemed top help until i was reading about top 10 drugstore conditioners, so i tried Aussie's 3 minute miracle and OMG what a difference! My hair is soft, shiny and looks amazing!!! I used it everyday for a week and even my hair dresser noticed a complete 360 in my hair!! Its expensive so i mix a little bit of my other daily conditioner with it to stretch it out. Make sure to leave it on for AT LEAST 3 minutes...i leave it on for about 5. This is a heavy conditioner so it will weigh down curly hair, which is what i needed for my ultra curly perm, its hasnt stripped my hair color so i assume its safe!Ive tried salon crap (ion, redkin, ...ect) and it made my hair feel dirty...ill never go back to salon hair care, aussie all the way!

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umm do u mean a 180? Cuz a 360 would mean you right back where u started.....


To the wise person who has to correct this person gor helping out. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.


I loved it for a while , but then i started noticing my color fading , it has sulfate . :(


What store can we buy aussie?

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