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So this morning I woke up with major swelling on my upper left jaw - first bicuspid - and sever tooth pain. Like many of you I am currently without insurance and so was rightly concerned, luckily I found this site - though rather later than I would have liked.

Being a chef I am fairly familiar with the many porperties of garlic and so chose this as my first option.

I thinly sliced a clove of garlic and placed a piece between my gumline and check at the infected tooth. I replaced the slice after about 20 minutes and held the second in place for the same amount of time.

I noticed pain relief within the first five inutes, and by the time I had removed the second slice the garlic had drawn the infection to a head. This was easily pierced and drained for instant relief. I then rinsed with warm salt water, and brushed my teeth.

I have a feeling that I didn;t drain all the puss from the infection so will be applying garlic again tonight before I go to bed.

Thanks to everyone that suggested it, I am now pain free and ready for a good nights sleep.

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