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Okay.So I used 100% cocoa butter creme with vitamin E it is working sooo good. I had sooo many stretch marks from gaining and losing fat. It was horrible!! It's like I can feel it working on my stretch marks!!! It's been six days and I already see improvements. I hope you have the same luck as me

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how much do you use daily?


i did that for a while too and it worked, but then i stopped for a few days and they all came back. with more. so i applied all over again. this time they never went away.


I used cocoa butter all the time to try to prevent and get rid of stretch marks, it never worked for me, it didnt work for any of my friends and family either,


I tried cocoa butter RELIGIOUSLY as soon as I found out I was pregnant and it never did a thing to prevent them or make them even remotely better.


after reading these comments and putting it on, does it does it not work? i need to know, because i do not feel like gaining more at such a young age of mine. i also dont want to be wasting my time by applying it and it will never work. i need to know if it or if it does not work!

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