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ouchie n ky

ok ive been in pain for like a week now and have 2 more days to go before my appointment with the dentist (im terrifed of by the way) and ive found that taking 8 tyenol putting a small clove oil soaked cotton swab and laying on a heating pad work great for about 6 to 8 hours at a time u can eat sleep pretty much do whatever you need to so good luck and hope whatever one of these you might try works for u painfree days!

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I realize that when you're experiencing the excrutiating pain of a tooth ache, you want relief, and fast. I'm dealing with one right now that is driving me insane! However, you MUST be careful when taking that many Tylenol at one time. In fact, I wouldn't suggest doing that at all. It's way too harmful/toxic to your liver!! I would suggest ibuprophen wherein you can take up to 800mg every 6 hours. Its nearly if not as effective as the Tylenol. I don't mean to sound like anyone's mom or to make you look ignorant. Just don't want you or anyone else to hurt themselves unknowingly.

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