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There was nothing more relieving than finding out that this thing had a name! It was too hard to explain to anyone. So glad I'm not the only one.
I noticed that mine seemed to be induced primarily by antihistimines, which ironically I'd take to help fall asleep, and a prescription anti-nausea medication (promethazine) that is sometimes given after surgeries, ALSO given to me to help me sleep! It took a long time to notice the correlation.
I started taking Xanax a few years ago to treat the insomnia. I've only had a few episodes of RLS since then, because the medicine relaxes your nervous system. This has either countered the effects of the meds causing RLS, or it allowed me to replace the drugs that caused it.

The only thing that helped me when an episode of RLS would come on, (besides pacing for an hour or two) was HEAT. A hot bath always did the trick. Lately I haven't been able to do that, so last night the RLS came on around 11pm and at 12am I put a heating pad under my thighs and one over and turned them on high. I also grabbed one of those vibrating massagers and ran it up and down the front and back of my legs. Relief! Not perfect... but helped a lot. I'd never thought to use a massager, but I was desperate and it ended up stimulating my muscles and nerves in a way that is similar to moving and walking and rubbing them.

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I am going down the page in desperation and amazed that this creepy feeling, like something tickling, annoyingly, the inside of my legs and I HAD to let you know that I could have writted your paragrapph. It was eerie! And, the xanax, yes! I never had it again until I recently lost my doctor and the few I tried to see, treated me like I was an addict and was doctor shopping,
Very humiliating! I have laid in frealk out mode for 5 nights now thinking of the damned xanax. How sad, right?


Hi...I have also discovered that heat helps with my RLS symptoms. In researching the problem I discovered that RLS can be caused by taking Elavil (Amitriptyline) which was prescribed to me to help me with nerve pain, sleep problems, depression, etc. The benefits of taking Elavil were better than having RLS. SO...I started with a heat pad and then decided that an electric blanket or electric mattress pad does the same thing! About an hour before turning in, I turn on the electric blanket to high. When I crawl into bed I switch the temperature to a 4 and just keep it there for the rest of the night. Amazing results! If you're a bath person taking a warm bath will definitely help here. Personally, I'm a shower person. If I need to travel I will just take a hot pad or two with me to help with the symptoms. The irony here is this summer we will be running central air conditioning and I will be using an electric blanket for RLS. LIFE!!! Always throwing us a curve ball!!!


OMG--For so long when I would tell anyone that benadryl or other anti-histamines caused me to have RLS, I would get weird looks. One day my sister-in-law said something about why she couldn't take benadryl--because it caused her to have RLS. I said seriously--I thought I was nuts. She is a physician and explained that benadryl and other OTC antihistamines cause some blood vessels to close, it makes since. absolutely no more for me, i would much rather handle the cold and allergy sysptoms.

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