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I have been suffering physically and most of all mentally for over 7 years from my toenail fungus. Like most people I really didn't notice it as a major problem at first and ignored it.. BIG MISTAKE! I tried NailRX (3 month supply) and saw very little results for the $100 I spent and became very discouraged. 2 weeks later after running out the fungus looked worse and now my right pointer finger was getting infected. I had had enough! I started reading everything I could find for a cheaper, more effective cure. Here is what I have found and tried.

We are all busy and cant go bare foot to work. Being in our shoes all day causes moisture and feeds the fungus. Most of us have very limited time in the morning and need something fast and easy.

You will need a few things:
Vicks Vapor Rub, Rubbing alcohol, Band Aids, Q-tips, Nail File, Liquid Bleach and Tea Tree Oil-(if you can afford it)

1.Trim and file your infected nails as best as possible. Making them shorter and thinner is half the battle.

2.Wash toes with anti-bacterial soap in your morning shower.

3.Use a fresh towel or hair dryer on toes. (always use a clean towel)

4.With a Q-Tip, scrub in Rubbing Alcohol and let dry.(only takes a sec to dry)

5.With a Q-Tip, rub a generous amount of Vicks Vapor Rub on and around infected toenails and cover with a Band Aid.

This will keep moisture from getting on and under the nail while at the same time killing the fungus.

When you get home from work take off your shoes and socks and wash your feet in the same way. If you have Tea Tree Oil, apply it with a Q-Tip and walk bare foot as long as possible letting it dry. If you do NOT have Tea Tree Oil, mix Bleach and Water 50/50, apply it with a Q-Tip to the NAIL ONLY. Let it Dry. I do the same to my finger.

Before bed, repeat steps 1-5 and wear clean socks to bed.

After a few mornings you will have this down to about 5-10 minutes.

I have been doing this for just a few weeks now and see about half the fungus gone. IT IS NOT AN OVERNIGHT CURE. It is however a REAL CURE. I will be seeing you all at the beach this coming summer :)


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I've found with using topical treatments soaked in a cottonball, that a finger cot rolled over top, keeps the treatment in place comfortably. Works the same as the balloon usage or taping or using a bandaid, but perhaps more easily applied.

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