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sinus or 'eyeball' kind. reach around the back of your neck (affected side) with 2 fingers, index and middle. Touch the bottom of your scull, by your spine, with index and the middle finger will be touching c3 or c4. Press on the side of that bone.. pain? press and rub here until you're sinus drains or less pain. You can use a bag of rice heated in the micro for a few minutes and put in a sock as a heat pack or for cold, use a bag of frozen vegies!
other pressure points are on your cheek, by your nose, press and rub. On the top of your eye socket, center, press and rub.
I am a licensed massage therapist and the neck thing really works! I use it all the time.
best of luck!

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Thank you. This really worked


I try to massage this area when I get a headache. It usually works.


Thanks!!! This really man aappreciates it more, because he's the one who HAD the headache!!! Two thumbs up!!

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