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Scarlett's Mom

Bag Balm

My daughter got her first diaper rash at 4 mos. We were using Boudreaux's Natural Butt Paste and are STILL happy with it. However, to get rid of the diaper rash we used BAG BALM. For two days we washed her bottom off with a warm wash clothes at every diaper change and used ONLY the BAG BALM. It COMPLETELY cleared up. We returned to using Beaudreaux's once it was gone and it hasn't come back.

The stuff is awesome! I bought it for around $8 at CVS. It comes in a cute green old fashioned tin with tiny red roses on it. It's original use was for chapped cow's utters but obviously it works wonders on diaper rash amongst other things.


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I would honestly rate bag balm a 10! My little man had the worst diaper rash from being outside, with the heat and sweating into his diaper (At least, I think that's what caused it). He has never had such a bad rash before. I couldn't even put water on his little butt. I did however, use Boudreaux's diaper paste on his rash after changing his diaper, and he would scream as soon as it touched him (not normally, the stuff does work really well for minor rashes). I couldn't stand hearing him scream so I came on here and read this review, went to CVS 8 o'clock that night, and went I changed him, he did his usual cry from just being in pain, but I put on Bag Balm, and he stopped crying. I was so RELIEVED. A Mom does NOT want her baby in pain. after ONE change I could tell the difference it made, I put a lot of it on him each change. And overnight, the next day it was CONSIDERABLY less. And by two days it was gone. The best thing about Bag Balm was that after the FIRST time I used it, he stopped crying, even when I rinsed his butt off. Seriously... there might be all these ingredients you can use, all these things you can buy that work well.. but bag balm is made up already, stops the hurt, and clears the rash! I swear by it now.


I just read your reviews and I'm sending my husband out to pick it up. My son's diaper rash is horrible. He hasn't ever had one and he is in pain. He's teething and having diarhea and poop all the time. Lotrimin isn't working. The baking soda bath is soothing him. But it's not looking any better. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tip.


Bag Balm does work great! It has worked great for me, and just a FYI at a animal supply store it is almost half the price as other stores.


THANK YOU!!! very much for posting your comments. Thanks to you my daughter's rash is healing. I was a bit skeptical when I discovered that Bag Balm was used for animals but, it WORKS!! When things like this happen and you don't want to see your baby suffer anymore you'll try anything.

Don't waste your money on prescriptions or any other diaper cream, trust me I have 12+ different ones. Buy Bag Balm! it works wonders.

Thanks again!! keep posting you've been of great help.


just went and got it and it really does work.......THANK YOU.


My daughter (2 months old) had a bad diaper rash for over a week now. I tryed all types of creams and remedies, I even left her diaper off changed brands of wipes and diapers nothing worked. after reading the reveiws I went to wal-greens yesterday and got Bag-balm for around 9 dollars it has not even been 24hrs yet and her rash is almost completly gone. works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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