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Alan Urdaibay

I had persistent outer ear irritation with a little pus formation. The ear drops prescribed me by my family doctor (called a GP here in the UK)gradually became less effective as the years went by. The doctor said this was due to increased resistance developing in the infectious agent (bacteria, I assume. I decided to change the environment in the ear canal by dropping lemon juice into my ear. This would create an acidic environment that would make life hard for the bacteria. My ear was inflamed and stung quite badly for a while. My ear infection cleared up for about 2 months and then returned. This time I treated the ear with a solution of sea salt in boiled water. My logic was that the bacteria that had survived the acid attack would find it hard to defeat the alkali attack - I have heard that sea water can clear up some skin infections. I now drop a few drops of boiled sea-salty water into my ear every week and things are OK. My doctor, by the way, had suggested drops of olive oil into the ear - I never tried that!

So my method was to combine methods already described elsewhere on the site.

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Lemons (unlike other citrus) are not acidic, they have a pH of 9.0


Incorrect. Lemons are quite acidic with a pH of 2-3.

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