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Being in Canada and the great Health care system we have, I'm on Tylenol 3. Sure, it gives you a big buzz but it sure cuts down the pain big time. At night, I use an ice pack on the side of my face and that calms it down until you fall asleep. Now, this is for me... I had a root canal done the other day and so far it helped me. The pain is expected to last a few days for me.

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Hi! Have been having horrible issues with a toothache. Got rid of it in just seconds by using a tiny piece of osha root!! No joke. I keep it on hand since it helps deaden sore throats, among other things. It also has antimicrobial properties that will work on the infection itself. Is very inexpensive so I keep it on hand at all times. Course, doesn't taste too great but no pain works for me. LOL

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